Information and Education Activities

A. Orientation

You are most welcome to visit PMHA!

Interested parties may submit their letter of request to the National Executive Director at least two (2) weeks before the scheduled date of visit.

Participants will be given an orientation on PMHA programs and services and a tour of the office to see the PMHA facilities. They will also be given an opportunity to interact with the clients.

Guidelines in the Conduct of PMHA Orientation

B. Lecture Workshops

EARD regularly conducts mental health conferences, lectures, and seminar-workshops to the general public. It also spearheads the celebration of the National Mental Health Week and World Mental Health Day every second week of October.

C. Tri-Media

       PMHA takes advantage of the power of media for its mental health advocacy:

  • Broadcast Media (Radio and Television)

To be able to reach out to more people, EARD has various partner radio and TV stations which regularly feature mental health issues and related topics. Currently, PMHA has four (4) radio programs over Super Radyo DZBB 594 kHz,Radyo Agila/Net25 DZEC 1016 kHz, Radyo ng Bayan DZRB 738 kHz, and Radyo Veritas DZRV 846 kHz. PMHA also gets featured in different TV programs and documentaries as part of its advocacy and promotion of mental health to the general public.

  • Publications

Information Materials
Mental health materials such as brochures, flyers, leaflets, and posters are distributed to professionals, partner agencies, students, and other members of the community.



D. Research

PMHA also provides evidence-based information through its conduct of research that serves as a basis for policy and program development.

E. Membership

Everyone is invited to become partners of PMHA by becoming a member. Membership fees help in the treatment and rehabilitation of the under-privileged recovering and recovered mental health consumers or psychiatric patients.

Membership is open to all individuals who are willing to support the mental health movement.




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