Intervention Services Department (IS)

The Intervention Services Department (IS) is the tertiary program of the Association.

The IS provides holistic and client-centered intervention programs to children and adolescents with special needs, as well as out-patient vocational and psychosocial therapeutic programs for psychiatric patients/ mental health consumers (persons with mental illness).

The IS has two centers which provide the following services:

 I. Center for Children and Youth (CCY)


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Schedule of Consultants



A. Play Therapy

Use of play to provide children a natural, dynamic, self-healing process in which they can safely project their feelings and attitudes in a non-threatening environment.

B. Counseling / Behavior Therapy
Interventions which focus on helping children develop positive coping skills to handle intrapersonal and interpersonal concerns as well as improve their behavior and social skills with the active involvement of the family members.

C. Occupational Therapy
Use of purposeful activities for the improvement and development of the emotional, sensory-perceptual, social, cognitive, physical and motor skills needed by the child/adolescent for everyday functioning.

D. Special Education

Individualized educational activities/programs designed to address the learning problems and develop metacognition of children and adolescents with mental retardation, learning disability and other cognitive disorders/problems.

E. Speech Therapy
Therapeutic activities that will address speech and communication problems of children/adolescents with delayed language development.


 II. Adult Work Center (AWC)

A. Vocational Programs

Productive tasks are provided to mental health consumers to help them gain self-confidence, acquire work skills and earn incentives.   The IS vocational team trains and teaches the consumers craft making as well as cooking and canteen/store operating skills.


B. Psychosocial Programs

The IS provides relevant psychosocial management and intervention programs that aim to restore, improve and maintain the psychosocial functioning of the mental health consumers. These are done through the following activities:

  • Life Skills Training
  • Psycho-education
  • Group and individual sessions
  • Play and leisure

C. Programs for the Family

The IS recognizes the importance of family involvement in the therapeutic process of the mental health consumers. They conduct regular meetings and consultation with the family members and caregivers to keep them updated about the concerns of the consumers.  The IS also provides opportunities for socialization activities, client-family outing and field trips that aim to strengthen the relationship between the consumers and their family members.








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