Education, Advocacy and Research Department

EARD is the primary program of the Association that strives to strengthen its pursuit to promote mental health and prevent mental disorders through increasing public awareness campaigns and activities.

We are offering the following online:

Mental Health Learning Sessions

Lectures and/or Workshops on Mental Health Topics

e.g. Caring for Your Mental Health, Applications of the MH Act (RA 11036) in the Workplace, Understanding and Managing Depression and Anxiety, Stress Management, Arts for Wellness, Mindfulness, Enhancing Family Relationships, Psychological First Aid, etc.

This is for companies, organizations, schools and other institutions

Training in the Creation of a Workplace Mental Health Program

Human Resource and Occupational Safety Officers will be provided lectures and workshop that will help them evaluate the needs of their companies and create a Workplace Mental Health Program.


Become a PMHA member

Be part of our roster volunteers and professional and company partners. The membership fees also help sustain the mental health services for indigent service users and the implementation of PMHA’s programs and services.

Available for Regular: Corporate (Corporations and Big Companies), Sustaining (Government and Non-Government Organizations and Agencies), Life (Individual) and Contributing (Professionals); Associate: Students (College, Senior High School, Junior High School, and Elementary)

Our Partners and Linkages

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Book an appointment

You can contact our Mental Health Professionals on Viber / For other inquiries contact us at 0917 565 2036